Welcome November!

Welcome November!

I hope you all have a wonderful month ahead!


I’ll be intentionally filling this month with moments of stillness. To notice, to pray, to surrender, to pause, to breathe, to be. I’ll have a daily alarm set for 11:11am this month to remind myself to take a moment, even if it’s just that one minute in my day. That’s one minute of peace. That’s a gift.


The world is filled with chaos and pain; always has been and always will be. We contribute more to it or we do what we can to lessen it.

May this month be an opportunity for us to examine our piece in this puzzle called life. The interconnected, vast stretch of what ultimately is love. To pay attention to what it looks like externally & feels like internally. To observe how we’re impacting the other pieces surrounding our own. We can help hold them in place simply by being there. By being still. By choosing love.


30 days. Let’s make them count.🤍