Uncharted Territory

This past weekend, I was given the opportunity to share my testimony at Hope Community Church. One of the many things I love about my church is that every service is recorded and made available to watch online. I'll share the link so you may catch the entire service, and I encourage you to watch it if you can make time to...it was an incredibly powerful sermon and time of worship. If you can make more time, the past few weeks have had equally great services along the same "Uncharted Territory" theme, and they're all available to watch from this link too. :)

During my testimony, I talk about my experience with addiction and how I started on the path of recovery & freedom. That's all I'll say about that here, but just know...if you're reading this...there is HOPE.❤️


ps: please reach out if you’d like a 4:24 stone and I can try to mail you one!