Know yourself so you can forget yourself

Know yourself so you can forget yourself.

I had a weekend filled with yoga & meditation that centered around this theme. Our culture tells us (constantly) how important WE as individuals are, and how my wants & needs are more important than yours. The world revolves around me, according to the world, right?

There’s so much contradiction in life. When we get a glimpse into how much everything and nothing overlap, we realize how interconnected things, and more importantly: we, are. Things can make perfect sense while also making no sense. We can be deeply flawed at the same time as being perfect. We are human but we are made in the image of God. We are completely unique and yet also the same. We fight & create conflict with one another when the real enemy is the ego.

The more we understand ourselves, the more we understand each other. This awareness allows us to start shedding the ego, diverting our energy away from the self. Our eyes begin to open, along with our minds and hearts. I’m not that important, after all.