Introducing the "Flow into..." collection!

I'm so excited to share my new series of artwork with you! 

The “Flow into…” collection is a collaborative series, with that “…” being left up to you. You fill in the blank. What are you flowing towards? What are you flowing into? What are you becoming and willing to be? My hope is that at least one of the pieces in this series will resonate with your soul, inviting you to experience life a little more fully, explore it a little deeper, and celebrate it a little more each day.
Each piece in this collection has a 1.5” depth and the same buttery yellow on all edges. They range in style, size, and price.

Here's the item list below with details.

Rainbow Flow - 12"x12" sold as a set of 3 - $70
Finding Flow - 16"x20" - $70
Rise Up - 16"x20" - $70
Overflow - 16"x20" - $70 (sold)
Heartfelt - 20"x20" - $100
Shine Bright - 20"x20" - $100
Firework Flow - 20"x20" - $100
Fun - 16"x40" - $160 
Grace - 24”x24” - $180
Raining Rainbows - 24”x24” - $180 (sold)
Garden Flow - 30"x40" - $240

Side note - two were claimed after I shared the collection reveal photo to my social media pages. If you like these styles, I'd love to recreate something similar for you! I can also create a custom work if you'd like to have an original painting like one of these but in a different size or with different colors, etc. - please reach out and let's make something beautiful together! :)

Happy shopping!
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