Happy June!

Happy June, friends!!!

I’m putting this out in the universe. Last week, I submitted this design for the Building a Better Boyertown mural design contest. It may or may not pass through their committee review, but either way…I want to make more art & murals like this.


I’m getting more intentional about the direction I want to go. If you watched my interview last week with Heather from Integrate for Good, I mentioned my passion for community centered projects. Bringing uplifting, impactful art into spaces that can benefit the most from it has been my goal since the Malvern Center mural I helped bring about in 2019.

Recovery centers, half-way homes, prisons, shelters, rehabs, community centers, retirement homes, senior centers, juvenile detention spaces, the list goes on.


Places that hold the most hurt and hopelessness. Places like those I’ve been in. That’s where I want to be. Where I need to go. Not just to paint, but also to engage. I want to pass out paint brushes and give people a chance. An invitation to be part of something. A way for us all to explore, to play, to find hope. Together. There’s such power in that togetherness.


I see this unfolding in my mind clearer now. My business journey. There never was a business plan, truth be told. It’s just been a journey, and I’ve been taking one step forward at a time. One day at a time. The roots are strong now. They’re deep. Where there long ago was a desolate pit, the seed of new life was planted. It continues to grow. To become my life’s mission. It’s not actually the art. The art is there, obviously. It’s the connector and the path to making it possible. It’s the way. The answer. It’s that perfect blend of hope & love that brings about peace, wholeness, unity, and healing.


Throughout June, the rest of 2023, and for as long as I’m able to do this…this is what I’m striving for. What I’m meant for. So I’m putting it out there. And letting the universe have it.💕