31 Days - 31 Words

I’m excited to share an invitation for January with you!

I’ll be creating + sharing a new original painting each day throughout the month of January, featuring a different word that can be used as a mantra, a journal or meditation prompt, an intention, or a call to action. A single word can do so much. Can you imagine what 31 of them, collectively and consecutively, can do?!

I hope you’ll accept the invite! There’s nothing actually needed on your part if you already follow me on social media since you’ll hopefully see the posts each day! If you're not already following my Facebook or Instagram pages, please consider it so you don't miss out on this '31 Days - 31 Words' adventure!

Just as I say in my yoga classes - “everything I offer is only a suggestion” so feel free to make this your own experience and take or leave whatever words you’d like. I won’t be providing any additional context with the words + paintings because I want you to use this as a tool for you, however you want to explore or use it! I can’t wait to see where this journey will take us this January!

All paintings will be available for purchase if anyone wants to have one that especially speaks to them. I may not get to add them to my website right away, so it’s best to reach out directly if you’re hoping to claim a specific one!