The most priceless gifts…

The most priceless gifts are the ones that are free.

It’s 3am. After staring at my ceiling the last hour, unable to fall back asleep because my brain is trying to answer impossible questions such as “why are we all the way that we are?” I decided to throw off my blanket, throw on my sweatshirt, and come downstairs to do something else. I read for a little bit. Thought about how very lucky and how very privileged I am. Reflected on yesterday’s happenings. Started to think about where I want to go in the upcoming year. Not physically; but personally, mentally, professionally, and spiritually. And then had an idea for a new blog post. If you’re reading this, that means I turned that idea into what you’re now reading.

The most priceless gifts are the ones that are free.

The first thing this brings up for me is sobriety. I’m sure we all have different “gifts” we think of first; but as we reach the height of peak shopping season and feel the collective weight of consumerism around us, perhaps even contributing to it by buying items we don’t need or trying to earn a living from it (I’m feeling very much like a hypocrite in this moment), let’s search for the value in gifts we can offer and receive for free.

Whether it’s our time, our full attention, our grace, our ability to stay present, our willingness to maintain our recovery, our commitment to our relationships, our capacity to show up for ourselves and for those we care about, our dedication to make healthy choices for our bodies and our minds, our power to create a positive example for our kids and those around us…

The list is limitless.

This season, as busy and full as it is, I invite you to pause with me and consider three questions. What is a gift you can give that’s both priceless and free? What is the gift you’d most like to receive that’s both priceless and free? What do you value more, the gifts that are things or the gifts that are felt?

4am. I think I’ll share this and get some more rest if I can. Because in my own case, one of the best gifts I can give my family is a non-sleep-deprived me.